(Our Frequently Asked Questions as a teaching firm)

What does Model Farm mean?

The original name for Iowa State was Model Farm. At that time they only had one college, the Iowa Agriculture College and Model Farm that acted as a teaching and learning space for students to put the practices they studied into action. This was also a way for them to learn real techniques and keep up with the best skills and newest practices.

Does Model Farm do Internships for Credit?

Yes. If the student is enrolled in the internship course, we meet all the requirements for students to get class credit.

Does Model Farm Hire Throughout the Whole Year?

Yes. Model Farm accepts and interviews designers throughout the whole calendar year.

Is it Only Interns?

Model Farm has a wide range of skill and experience levels.

What is Model Farm?

Model Farm is a design studio meant to train young designers studying at Iowa State in the field of graphic design.

What do students do there?

Students act as Graphic Designers. They get real projects that allow them to focus on different areas of design.

Is Model Farm a farm?

No. We are not a farm, but the name was inspired by a real farm here at Iowa State. They put into practice the techniques used in their field at the time.